M.E.R.CY Jewelry

Mujeres En Riesgo/Women At Risk

In the Dominican Republic women are at risk in several ways.  Because of the poverty in many neighborhoods the young women in desperation support themselves through prostitution.  Many others from these neighborhoods are tricked into accepting jobs for tourist companies only to find out they have been sold by a trafficker.

Besides prostitution and trafficking other young women from poor families have little or no hope for continuing education or job skills training.  The risk for them is entering into a relationship that could result in abuse or abandonment.  This is a cycle that repeats through the generations.  There are neighborhoods of mainly women and children who have been abandoned.  These women live together pooling their resources to survive.  Promiscuity and desperation ensure that this cycle remains.

The ministry of M.E.R.CY Jewelry is a ministry that helps women in situations of risk:  Abuse, Prostitution and Neglect. Women are trained to make jewelry.  They receive the equivalent of a day’s wage for each necklace as well as another portion set aside for education or skills training.  More proceeds from the sale of the necklaces goes towards the Jireh Project within our local church. This organization is made up of professional Christian women who train women in small business skills and family budgeting.  They also provide microloans for women seeking to support themselves independently of a risk relationship or situation.

The danger is for us to see this as a simple social program.  However, nothing is done without a clear communication of the gospel.  No money is offered without first acknowledging that it is the Lord that provides.  Those who go out and witness to these women and who offer job training and stewardship principles are saved and discipled members of our local church and who are using the knowledge and talents from the Lord to be a blessing and a help to these women.